Cannot configure my motor on qgroundcontrol

I’m using qgroundcontrol and on the motors tab I have the message “Warning: Unable to determine motor count”. Also when I plug my motor in it just constantly beeps. I have my radio transmitter setup and the link is working and the throttle is mapped to the servo channel that controls the ESC. Does anyone know what step I’m missing? This is ardupilot 4.1.7 running on a Matek F405-Wing board. Is there a parameter that I need to set to map the motor to a particular channel? I have set SERVO1_FUNCTION to “Throttle”. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

From what I can tell I only need to set the servo function to the throttle and this should work, right? I plug the motor in and it just beeps continuously. When I do a motor test it fails, I get a popup dialog saying:

MAV_CMD_DO_MOTOR_TEST command failed.

Unable to send command: Waiting on previous response to same command.

It’s probably beeping because the FC is sending 0 PWM when it’s disarmed, but the ESC is expecting it’s minimum PWM value. Set ARMING_REQUIRE,1

I think the F405-wing will power the radio receiver off USB so you can try this:

  • Make sure the prop is off!
  • Power the FC with only USB (You’ll need the battery later)
  • With the radio connected, Force arm the plane. (I can’t remember the exact procedure for that in QGC but I know you can do it)
  • Move the throttle to full.
  • Connect the battery to plane and listen for all the usual ESC beeping.
  • Move throttle to low.
  • Listen for a few more beeps.
  • Shut everything down (USB and battery)
  • Test it.
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Everything you said was correct. I forced arm and did the throttle calibration and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

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