Cannot change flight mode switch channel in Mission Planner

Hello. At my recent team meeting, we performed the radio calibration in Mission Planner. Everything worked out well except for one sticking point: the default channel for the flight mode selection is listed as Channel 8.

That is a problem because we have a Spektrum DX7s radio.

We can’t seem to find a way to change the flight mode selection to be another channel on our radio. Ideally, it would be channel Aux 2 on the top right shoulder area of the controller since it is a multi-position rotary switch.

Does anyone have any insight into how to change the channel for the flight mode selection in Mission Planner?

please read

Thanks for providing the links to those items. I’ve reviewed them, but am a bit unsure of how to actually go about editing/changing the FLTMODE_CH parameter…

How do I set this parameter using the MAVLink protocol?


Are you using Plane or Copter

I noticed that in Copter the channel for mode changes is 5 but in plane its 8, I assume you are using plane ?

In the full perams list under FLTMODE_CH it will show a number ie 8 for channel 8 change that to ie 6 and remember to press Write Params, that I guess should change it from channel 8 to 6

We are using Plane. I guess my question is, how do I access the list of parameters so that I can change the FLTMODE_CH?

In mission planner, third option along the top is Config/tuning, select that option, then look for Full Perams select that and a full list of options listed alphabeticaly will open up. Scrole down till you find FLTMODE_CH and Chang the number from 8 to what ever Chanel you want to use.

Hope this was of help.


the full parameter list does not contain an entry for FLTMODE_CH.
Tried the lastest mission planner 1.3.56 and a random earlier one 1.3.41
Anyone have an idea what is wrong, or what i am doing wrong.

You are running a very old level of Copter, probably because you have an APM Flight Controller, which does not support that. This is not a question of Ground Control Software or Mission Planner.

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Thanx Dave.
Arduflyer 2.5.2. not exactly sure how old, but certainly not the newest.

I would have thought that this would be just software, linking a specific chanel to a function. Did not know the board actually had to be designed to support such a thing.

I’ll have to figure it out on the transmitter side.

I’m sure it could be simply a firmware issue but this parameter was added in a revision later than is supported by that FC and developement stopped for it in FEB15