Cannot Change Flight Mode Channel in Mission Planner

I’m running the latest Ardupilot firmware on my Pixhawk quad. It’s using channel 5 for flight modes by default. I tried changing that to channel 6 by going to Full Parameter List and changing FLTMODE_CH’s value to 6. That does not seem to change it though. Is there anything else I should modify?

Edit: I’m also hitting the “Write Params” button and rebooting the Pixhawk but that doesn’t help. The FLTMODE_CH is saved as 6 but when I go to Flight Modes, it’s still using channel 5.

I just discovered the flight mode channel did actually change to channel 6. It was just not displaying it under flight modes as you can see:

The top row that says “Current Mode” does actually update though when I change flight modes on my radio. I guess that might be a bug with Mission Planner or the version of Ardupilot on my Pixhawk.

Similar issue on this forum:

Choose another channel for flight mode. Chan 6 is used for in flight tuning. I suppose it might work as you discovered but in-flight tuning is useful and is only designated to chan 6.

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