Cannot calibrate ESC, and radio throttle not working with pixhawk 2.4.8 showing a double blinking yellow light

Hey i just brought a pixhawk 2.4.8 and I am building this quadcopter for my research paper (basically I want to test some physics concepts with regarding to the copter) however I am having difficulties regarding the last bit of my copter and I have no prior knowledge in developments of copters. There is double yellow blinking light on the pixhawk and I tried and researched about it, what I found was that its a issue caused during the arming process. I am using a f450 frame. Plus o am using a flysky radio transmiter and receiver I am not very sure what should I do, is it any issue with the firmware ? Cause when I go and calibrate my radio there throttle bars are empty and moving the throttles on my transmitted also does not help. Please help, if possible any video lectures out there that i can refer to that would be helpful.

how did you connected radio receiver to FC ?
which stick change throttle ? if none of theme check channel mapping in your radio control , by default is should be TAER mode and throttle is ch 3

Hey hosein_gh I don’t really understand what you mean can you help me out ? Is there a way I contact you. So I can explain u my problem properly. Thanks really need the help

Also i think the issue is with the pixhawk firmware cause after the upload there should have been a blue light blinking rather than a double yellow light blinking.

We need a complete and DETAILED LIST of ALL of the hardware associated with this aircraft.

Also, you need to read the Copter documentation:

Double Flashing Yellow indicates the one or more Pre-Arm Safety checks have failed.
I would suspect that at least one of those failures is No RC Receiver which would indicate either the receiver is not bound to the radio transmitter, or the receiver is not connected properly to Pixhawk.

Posting pictures of how you have EVERYTHING connected will go a long way…

Hey thanks old gazer heres the list the hardware I have used.
Flight controller- Pixhawk 2.4.8
Flysky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH RC Transmitter with FS-iA6 Receive for RC Helicopter

Robocraze 2200 mAh Lipo Battery Rechargeable Power Supply for RC Cars and Quadcopter - 11.1 V, 25 C
OLatus OL-Quadcopter-Mini01 F450 Quadcopter Frame Kit with 4x A2212 KV1000 Brushless Motor

Hey can you give me your email or something where I can contact cause it says the files are too big to send, please would be grateful!

Try a file sharing service like Dropbox and post a link to the file(s).

Hey Manas can you show mission planner , when connected your pixhawk to mp and when yellow light flash then capture main screen , ok ???

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: