Cannot Arm Raspberry Pi Zero == Check Board Voltage

I just completed a new build with a raspberry pi Zero rel 1.3 (with the camera interface)
The same copter.elf was working fine with the RPI Zero rel 1.0 (no camera)
Oubiously, the first step I did was to disconnect camera and get the electrical load like the last setup, but still get this error.

I can see here // min board voltage in volts for pre-arm checks

But the question are:
-Where this value is being capture on the RPI

  • Is this reading is accurate
  • Is there any provision in this check for 3.5 volts devices like the RPI

I can bypass/change value in the config.h , but would it be the correct procedure ?

Many thanks for your help

Are you just compiling for generic Linux board or what are you using? Some boards have methods to get the voltage, some don’t and just return 0 (this is debatable if it is correct, there are some boards that just return 5).

You can always bypass the voltage pre-arm check.

Hello Francisco,

This is my release 2 of the BBB-MINI look here: [] and it is builded using this : make pxfmini

I will double check but voltage pre-arm check just apply to batteries, not Board Voltage.


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I’ve talked to the Linux maintainer and we will change the default from 0 to 5 so it will pass the check.

Regarding the pre-arm check you can see at that it does apply.

Great !!

Thanks for this fast answer and for applying the change.
Meanwhile I’ll disable the option.

Best Regards

It’s already in master, so if you are using that branch you just need to pull into your local repository. Thanking @lucasdemarchi for his fast work!

Amazing, thanks to you guys l :slight_smile: