Cannot arm Elevon configuration

I have some experience with Arducopter configuration and now I’am building elevon - delta wing using same controller/ pixhawk clone. I have downloaded latest firmware ArduPlane V3.8.5. Initial configuration was ok but I can’t arm the plane.

  1. When I’m following wiki - throttle down + rudder right nothing happens. I was used to hear sound when copter was disarmed and message appeared about safety switch. When I hold safety switch to arm the plane, safety switch LED stops to blink and is on. I can control left and right Elevon (servo outputs 1 and 2). Mixing is ok. But Mission Planner still shows Disarmed status. Still it is no possible control servo 3 output - throttle.
  2. I’m still getting “Bad or No Terrain Data”. All serial ports are configured to Mavlink protocol or disabled - no GPS configuration. Arm check is disabled (ARMING_CHECK 0).
    Any ideas?

Have you tried using the GCS to arm the plane? There’s an “Arm/Disarm” button. That will isolate whether there’s an arming problem, or just a rudder-stick-arming configuration issue.

In the parameters, there’s one called ARMING_RUDDER. Make sure it is set as you intend.

Also, I had a similar issue with a delta-wing elevon which had no rudders, therefore I never configured the rudder control. It turns out my TX rudder channel was reversed, and also limited below the “arming threshold” so I couldn’t rudder-arm until I fixed that.
EDIT Or maybe my throttle was accidentally reversed? So that “throttle down” was actually the wrong signal? I forgot the details. But if you can arm via the GCS, then you know it’s something mis-configured about your rudder/throttle or ARMING_RUDDER settings.

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Oh, my bad :slight_smile: I made mistake in RC channel naming. As you mentioned, there is no rudder in elevon configuration. I was trying to arm it using roll (right stick to the right in mode 2) :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help!

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