Cannot add Params to HUD via mouse right click

Using APM Planner 2.0.18 I can not add any parameters like RSSI to the HUD. I have loaded Planner on Win 7, Win 8 and Ubuntu with same behavior. I have also loaded latest dev release and same thing. In fact, when I right click on the HUD nothing happens. I have the same issue with the BAUD rate pull down on the telemetry 3DR radio config page. I believe there is something wrong with Qt. Is this broken? If so will it get fixed? I’d like to run Planner in Linux but without HUD data, will be forced to continue to use Mission Planner 1.0.

There are not dynamic PFD parameters in APM Planner 2.0, You can customize the InfoView with fields you needs.

Is there something in particular that you need to monitor in the PFD?

I’d like to get the same things I have on the minimosd. Things like RC Radio RSSI, GPS health, 3DR radio RSSI. I can get this now with Mission Planner and want to run similarly on my Linux field laptop or maybe someday on my RPI2. Eventually would like to overlay real time video if I can get it through the PC in near real time.

I started down this path when my kid told me that minimosb looked like 80’s video games. I just had to laugh.

Some of that information is across the top of the Map View. We are working on Video Integration (it works on linux) though you need to build it from source at the moment

More is coming… :slight_smile: