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CanberraUAV Outback Challenge 2018 Demo

(tridge) #1

The above video shows what CanberraUAV is doing for the UAV Outback Challenge next week in Dalby. Good luck to all the teams competing!

(cala2) #2

Good Luck!!! :slight_smile: specially for Ardupilot teams :wink:

(Matt) #3

I was wondering what those white things on the map were. They look like pterodactyls. Perhaps that’s still a thing down there :slight_smile:

(Rolf) #4

Best of luck to the CanberraUAV in the challenge

(Mike Boland) #5

Yes they are, and nearly as dangerous as Drop Bears.

Fantastic demo @tridge thanks for doing that for us all.
Good luck for the OBC.

(Richard Joy) #6

I followed the 2018 UAV Challenge this week on Twitter. It looks like it was a really tough challenge so congratulations to all the teams that participated.

I’ve started to look into using Lora for a long range command and control link and wondered if that was already being used by some of the teams.