Can you recommend FPV components?

Hello everyone, first of all, I couldn’t decide on which section to write the message as I am a new member. We will participate in the competition as a team, but we are undecided on which parts to use for this task due to our lack of knowledge and we do not want to get the wrong part. To be able to leave 2,2 and 1 square meters of tennis balls in areas of 2,2 and 1 square meters. What are the parts you recommend for this task. We do not have a problem as long as it is not too luxurious in terms of budget. Please answer quickly we need you much :slight_smile:

So these are my recommendations for getting started:
FC: Matek H743 Slim
GPS: Matek GNSS & COMPASS M9N-5883
Other things are design-dependent so you need to design your vehicle first.

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abi yanıtın için teşekkür ederim, biz FC olarak orange cube gibi bir şey düşündük ama lise seviyesi için çok mu üst seviye olur?

Orange Cube will be fine and will be much easier and safer for inexperienced users, but not cost-effective.

What is your recommendation at orange cube level for gps?

Those sold as sets have plug-and-play GPS modules.

The Here 3 + RTK Base Bundle would probably be the most cost effective way of landing a tennis ball in a 1 sq m area. Or if you have money to burn the Here Pro…

Thank you for the answer. Which brand would you recommend for engine and esc?