Can Wrong Compass Cali makes motor hot?

2017-05-08 13-36-55.bin (2.7 MB)

Hello I bought Pixhawk Cube and Tarot X6.

The uploaded file is my flight log.

I did “live calibraton” with wizard because I didnt know that onboard compass cali is exist and it is more appropriate in this version.

So there was constant message “Compass Bad Health”

When I armed the copter it sounds weird.

it sounds like the motor’s speed is change fast up and down.

but because copter’s movement was so fine and stable, I ignored that.

but usually, the motor sounds like having same speed in flight.

but it sounds like one time spinning fast and one time slow every seconds

and yaw response was weird at some time.

I reviewed my log and found RCOUT 1,3,6 is more higher than RCOUT 2,4,5

can it be physical(motors) problem? or is it because of compass problem?

do only RCOUT 1,3,6 make yaw control?

if so, I undertstand why they are hot.

only 3 motor was hot and 3 motor was cool

I wonder why…

Motors 1,3,6 are fighting yaw introduced by motors 2,4,5. Arms 2,4,5, might be twisted or motors 2,4,5, might not be perpendicular to the plane

I found out it was because motor 1 has some iron powder in its inside

Thank you!