Can Wifi Fish Finder work with the UAV or USV

Hi Everyone,

A newbie here.

I have built a USV and UAV with the basic pixhawk and using SIYI as the remote control and transmitter.

I am wondering if any has tried to connect a wifi fish finder to the Pixhawk through a wifi converter. Then on the ground unit, use the fish finder’s app to read the data.

I saw a fishing drone that has something like this and wonder if I could do the same with my current setup.

Any guidance or directions will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


So if I understand you correctly, you want a Fish finder to feed data to ardupilot where the fish are and automatically navigate a boat to that location?

Need more information.

p.s. group of fish never stay in one spot most of the time.:slight_smile:

Hi there ,
Also newbie here,

It looks like we are on the same kind of project , did you succeed ? I 3d printed a catamaran and about to order the electronics, my goal would be to be able to use the side scan of a fish finder remotely from the land and record data on a sd card , this would be mainly to locate shipwrecks at a maximum depth of 40 t0 50 meters. Would appreciate any input on this project. Thanks

Asim, this is not to locate fishes, but most probably to locate wrecks, he wants to set up a fishfinder on board of a USV, using the side scan sonar fumction to locate the wrecks and be able to retrieve data from the ground