Can We Use Charger instead of Battery for Orange Cube Pixhawk?


I am planning to setup a testing Piece ( I don’t want to flying the machine ). So can I use the charger instead of battery, And one more this is that I want to test the speed of motor. Is anyone tried this before please let me know.


Some chargers have a power supply function, which will work to supply a power brick for the FC, but it wont handle running a motor.
You will need a high current bench power supply, or just set it all up with a battery.

thanks for the response @xfacta

Yes @xfacta is right , but now a days charges comes with power supply , buy it can’t handled full motor control but as a bench test then go with that , like motor rotation or any other work like setting up with system , other sensor or etc etc …

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: