Can we start IC engine without compass calibration in Pixhawk?

We are facing issues in starting the Engine used in our RC helicopter project. Ardupilot shows the error “Compass not Calibrated”
Pixhawk Cube Orange

Hi Saheel,
The error with the compass not calibrating is preventing you from arming the aircraft. And thus is preventing your engine idle throttle being set. It is important to ensure all of the systems are ready for flight before arming and is why we have the Prearm checks set to prevent you from arming if any of them do not pass.

What version of firmware do you have loaded on your Heli? What you’ve listed in your posting was the version of mission planner. Connect to your heli and In the flight tab of mission planner there is a message tab in the lower left box that will display the firmware version as the flight controller boots. It should say ArduCopter ….

If you can save the parameter file and post it here that would be helpful.

Hello Bill,
Thanks for your response.

The Version no is 4.0.3. We have tried multiple times to re-calibrate with Here2 and Here3 GPS but failed.
The firmware loaded on Heli is ArduCopter and frametype is Helicopter.

I’m not very good at trouble shooting hardware. One thing I would recommend is that you upgratde the firmware to the most recent stable version which is 4.1.5 and try to calibrate again. This ensures that you have all of the latest patches.
If you are still having a problem then I would post on the hardware section of this forum. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


Hello @bnsgeyer
Thanks for your response, we’ll try out updating the firmware to latest.