Can we RTL in case of GPS Jamming?

Hi, I hope its not a dumb question.

Is there any way to program return to launch and its accuracy in case GPS signal is being jammed for some reason?

It will do RTL but the precision will not be the best.

Cool. Still if one is able to see it come back, manual control can be taken.

Is there any specific setting to enable this or does the code automatically detect jamming?

If it is jammed then your gps will not receive position, so it is the same as a failed gps. Then plane will do dead recon navigation back to rtl. (

If it is not jammed but spoofed, then that is a different story, but recognizing and counteracting gps spoofing is more like military application area :slight_smile:

Cool. That helps a lot.

One more thing, can we write a LUA script to detect spoofing, if one is able to write the algorithm?

ArduPilot team does not allow, nor support military dorone operations. Please do not discuss spoofing countermeasures here, and do not use them on ardupilot. Get another open source autopilot if you want to do that

Okayy. It was just to implement some sort of safety so that the pilot does not go where he or she isn’t.

No military application intended.

This is not entirely correct. The code of conduct states:
" * Not knowingly support or facilitate the weaponization of systems using ArduPilot"
This does not include surveillance, transportation or target practicing use. (Actually there are a number of target drones using AP).
Unarmed surveillance drones are (IMHO) well within the acceptable boundaries of code of conduct.

Any military drone goes against my convictions. Period. I would like to now close this thread.

Cool. Did not know if it would offend someone. I apologize if I did.


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