Can we have a RPi distro of APM Planner

Hi carpy. I too know very little about Linux so please bear with me. Is that build just the apm planner2 build, or is it an image with linux and a working apm planner install? For people like me who arent at all educated in working with Linux, an image that I can just burn to as sd card would be very very helpful and easy. I don’t even understand how to get an OS onto the card other than using the NOOBS install method. But I dont think Raspbian will work :frowning:

If anyone could build a working image, I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi Stew.

It’s just the APM Planner 2 build. You’re right, Raspbian won’t cut it.

This dude does a great job walking you through getting Ubuntu Mate on the Pi2–check it out:


WOOT!! Finally got MATE to install.Spent 2 days trying without any luck until I tried a different card. (Turns out my new 32GB Transcend card is crapped out ). Used an old NOOBS card (reflashed) and I got MATE to install.

So my next question is:

  1. How big of an SD card is needed? My current card is 8 GB.
  2. How do I get the APM planner downloaded? (sorry…but im very very noobish to linux)

Sorry for the noob questions…but I’m getting too old to want to learn a new OS system, but I am trying.

8GiB card should be big enough.

  1. Download APM Planner to your pc.
  2. Install ssh on your linux box:
    $ sudo apt-get install ssh
  3. Install FileZilla client on your pc.
  4. SFTP using FileZilla to your linux box.
  5. Install APM Planner 2.