Can we do a Plane auto tune on a Way Point mission like in loiter

hello and as per the title,im wondering if it is possible to do A plane auto tune on a way point mission while in say loiter,im o/k doing the roll auto tune but don’t really like doing the pitch one,maybe Dr Tridge has some secret remedies for this,one can but dream

im now thinking if i have it in say 4 loiter turns of 60 meter’s then have do aux function and have it set so the function is auto tune and have the switch set to on then did said 4 loiter turns followed by do aux function that turns off the auto tune then go into a rtl would that work,my poor lonely one brain cell is at melting point lol

Yeah, totally possible. There is a auto tune waypoint type or RC option (107) to enable. The assumption is that you have stick mixing enabled so still input roll/pitch requests as you would in a normal autotune. Just now when you stop it will continue on its mission.

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Thank you Pete,will try this latter on the sitl setup,may I let you encourage my laziness howw do I set up stick mixing I can go look on the wiki I also intend do calibrate the pilot tube in loiter mission.

Done stick mixing and but it on 2/

Thank you Peter from the bottom of my we heart.