Can we create a Take off flight mode on AC3.5?

Question: It already exsist a Take-Off flight mode? (Like LAND, but for Take-Off)
I had looked in mission planner and in the wiki and I had found nothing.

If it does not exsist it is possible to integrate it in AC3.5?
I think it is useful for beginner users that do not want to use Android and only want to use RC radio.

If this thred is inappropiate feel free to delete it.

3.5 is already in release candidate phase, we aren’t adding new features.

Despite that, what you are asking has been done since 3.3. Set the parameter PILOT_TKOFF_ALT to the altitude you want your copter to takeoff to and in AltHold, Loiter, Sport and PosHold modes it will automatically takeoff once you have put your throttle above the deadzone.

Thank you for the reply.

Very well, it is clear, this mode can not be integrated in AC3.5.
No problem.

Maybe it can be integrated in AC3.6?

It can be useful to have a single flight that can be used for TakeOff. It can be useful for beginner users!
Let me know if this is possibile (=

In the mean time I will set according the PILOT_TKOFF_ALT for my beginner clients :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you again!

Decision would be made by @rmackay9, but personally I don’t see the value in having a mode just for takeoff.

It has crossed my mind to add a take-off flight mode. We have one within Auto of course and Tower and Solo somewhat fake it by putting it into Guided mode and doing a takeoff.

When solo came out the pilot-tkoff-alt thing was added specifically to help the new users who were often being too cautious and very tentatively raising the throttle so the vehicle was bumping around on the ground.

If we had a takeoff flight mode then what would happen after the vehicle climbed to it’s predefined target altitude? Would it switch to Loiter or do something else? if it would just switch to loiter then it’s really very similar to this pilot-tkoff-alt thing.

Enhancement requests can go into the issue list by the way.