Can we control airspeed OR Throttle on the go while flying in Cruise or Loiter mode?

Hi all,
Just jumped into the world of arduplane and wondering if we can control the airspeed OR Throttle (on the go with transmitter)while flying a fixed wing in Cruise or Loiter mode?Thanks.

Could you clarify your question?

Are you asking “Which do we control?”
Or perhaps are you asking “Is it possible to change which we control?”
Or something else?

Sorry for the confusion.

I have already specified the min and max airspeed in the parameters and plane will fly using those parameters but wondering if we can control /override the speed of the plane while flying in the loiter mode just by turning the slider/Pot or a throttle stick on a Transmitter?

eg plane is circling in the loiter mode and i want to fly little slower while maintaining the same track and same altitude.Is it possible?Thanks

Yes, I think the THROTTLE_NUDGE parameter will do what you want. For a description, check out the documentation:

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Thanks a lot!! That’s exactly i was after!!

I am gonna play wit that parameter.

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