Can we achieve spot spraying in QGC?

Can we achieve spot spraying in QGC?

Yes, we can. It is possible.

Thank you for a response. Can you please let me know how to achieve this? I am using Cube Orange Plus + Ardupilot for my agri drone.

Which ArduCopter firmware version?
Which sprayer?
Have you configured the sprayer?
Have you tested the sprayer?
Which QGC version?

Ask better questions to get better anwers :slight_smile:


ArduCopter: 4.4 stable version
Sprayer: EFT
QGC: 4.2 latest from GitHub - mavlink/qgroundcontrol: Cross-platform ground control station for drones (Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Windows)

Yes, I have configured sprayer and tested it for blanket spraying. However, our goal is to transition to spot spraying to improve precision and efficiency in pesticide application.

@amilcarlucas , Kindly let me know the steps. Your assistance and guidance would be invaluable in helping us achieve our goals for precise and efficient spot spraying in agriculture.

Explain in detail what you are trying to achieve, you still have not done that. What are your goals for precise and efficient spot spraying in agriculture?

  1. spray at lat, lon, alt, duration for thousands of points?
  2. spray intermittently?
  3. should the drone stop during that?
  4. Are you using range finder for terrain following?
  5. is distance to plant an important factor? Must it be constant?
  6. do you have a big tank? if yes, you must change some PID values dynamically during the flight.
  7. do you have a companion computer?

But I guess my answer will be you can use lua scripting to do that.

NO ONE can provide a detailed and correct answer to a vague question.

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@amilcarlucas ,
The drone should spray while circling over the top of each fruit tree.
Yes, I am using range finder for terrain following.
Yes, Distance must be constant. I have 10 Ltr tank.
No, I don’t have companion computer.

Create a mission with one waypoint for each fruit tree.
If it does not work in QGC use Mission Planner.
Create a lua script that changes Aceel limits as the vehicle weight decreases.


@amilcarlucas , Thank you for assistances. I will try this.

Your way of advise is a bit harsh but I like it. :grinning:

Time is precious and asking better questions always leads to better answers.
It’s my small contribution to a better world :slight_smile: Educating ArduPilot users


Amilcarlucas,you are my saviour,god bless you.

You are right. I appreciate your great efforts.