Can use ardupilot with dirigible?

Hi everybody,
I have a small dirigible, with 3 motors.

In attachment there is a simple scheme how the motors are mounted.
So, can I configure ardupilot for work with this combinantion ?

The airship can go up/down tilting the airscrew motors.

Thank you

Not without a large amount of work on the code. It could work if your dirigible “flies” rather than floats, ie using large control surfaces for flight control, otherwise getting the three motors to do what elevator, aileron and thrust does would be quite a task.

I was keen for this too but I have seen no interest, it would need a dedicated developer/s with a good understanding of the current code.

UHmmm this a bad news :/.
Thank you for the response.

But, Who can do this mod with a payment ?

Thank you