Can two air radios, or two ground radios be used together?

Easy question.

I have two cases where I would like to use 2 ground radios as a link and 2 air radios as a link., is this possible?

Real issue is in one case I need 2 radios with the 4 wire telemetry cable, and in one case I need two radios using USB . Are the radios the same, or is there a defined “air” and “ground” radio.



Some Air radios have USB…not sure why you would need two on board but if you go that way you need to change the Netid for each pair of radios so they are not the same. I have no idea if the nearness of the two radios on the copter will be a problem…Talking over each other.

I don’t need two links, I was wondering if I could use an air radio in the air, and an air radio (with wires to plug into a telemetry port) on the ground station. In this case it would be another Pixhawk acting as an antenna tracker.

OR where can I find a ground radio that has plug that could plug into the Pixhawk telemetry port…

shouldn’t matter as long as the parmaters are the same for both radios

Ah I get it. So first off there is no difference between an air and a ground radio other then the ground radio usually has a USB connector. Basically its just a built in FTDI unit. If your looking to have a ground that’s connected to a pixhawk or other device running Ardutracker then any module will work. You can easily use an air module on a pixhawk based tracker. There is no difference.

Here is an example

I use these as its easier to flash them and config them then one thats just wires.

Ah, got it now! How are those Crius radios?

Good I like them Easy to use easy to flash easy to config.