Can the Parrot Disco C.H.U.C.K be mounted on a VTOL airframe ? Does it supports the VTOL flying?

The question is if I can configure in a different way the C.H.U.C.K system so that it can manage also the vertical fly. For sure I would add 2 propellers to the disco’s body. Reading here :

it says : “Apart from that pin mapping, setting up a C.H.U.C.K with another airframe is the same as with any aircraft with ArduPilot. It could be used with any vehicle type supported by ArduPilot, including gliders, quadplanes, petrol planes, multicopters or rovers”

it seems that ArduPilot does not support the VTOL. Is that correct ?

I would like to use the C.H.U.C.K. system because with the software modification of “SOFTICE” it allows the use of a 4G connection to make fly the drone. The Parrot disco became the most interesting drone all around 'cause the adding of the 4G stick.

Using a different hardware from the C.H.U.C.K could not allow the use of a 4G stick / connection. OR even better : I could place the C.H.U.C.K system in another air-frame,that already has fixed wings and propellers. I don’t know if I can do this,because in the parrot disco the C.H.U.C.K system is not connected to two additional propellers placed on the top of the wings. What do u think ?