Can the Ardupilot software be used for big vehicles (copters, planes, rovers etc.)?

I would like to ask the community if the Ardupilot can be used for really big vehicles!!! After a related research on the Ardupilot’s website, I found the Uses-Cases and Applications web page and also other examples, such as a big Airbus’s quadplane (only the Ardupilot could fly this plane :smirk:) and the Colyaer S100 airplane. Are there any real examples for big vehicles (such as big agriculture vehicles, big airplanes, big rovers, big multicopters etc.) that runs Ardupilot on their flight controllers?
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Yes, there are many examples. But you should not use it for vehicles that transport people.
It is explained in the ArduPilot code of conduct.

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Are there any other big vehicles, apart from the ones I mentioned. I am working on a university project about the Ardupilot’s capabilities.
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Define what is a big vehicle.

I mean vehicles with total mass greater than 20kg for example!!!
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Just search in this forum for “20kg”, “25kg”, “30kg” and anything you want in between and above. There are loads of examples.

PS: punctuation marks aren’t pack animals :wink:

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Ok. Thank you for your reply!!!