Can’t install 3.5.7

Hey all,

Looking for some help. I upgraded to 3.6 but it won’t work for me because I use the Zubax GNSS and I’m not wanting to use ChibiOS till it’s been tested thouroghly and 3.6.1 has been released. Problem is I can’t go back to 3.5.7 now it seems. Mission planned is giving me a firmware download fail and a list of other things that seems to point to it not being able to download off the internet. This is happening with 2 different Pixhawk 2.1s and at 2 different locations with working internet and everything else that would be essential. What can I do to fix this problem please?

Update MP to the latest beta. Mr. Oborne replied about this in another thread.

@dkemxr, thank you for the reply. I will attempt that and hopefully it works out. Not to burden you, but, do you mind linking the thread where Mr. Oborne discusses this?

@dkemxr, nvm. I was able to find it. Thank you again for your help!