Can’t find SYS_BL_UPDATE

Ok I have a new pixhawk board barebones 2.4.6 FMUv2 that I would like to bootload or flash to FMUv3 on qgroundcontrol

I was following this

Everything goes fine until I have to search parameters for SYS_Bl_UPDATE. nothing even close is to be found. I have manually searched through the standard, advanced, and other with no luck.
What could I be doing wrong?

searching in the wrong firmware, SYS_BL_UPDATE is a PX4 firmware parameter, not exits in ArduPilot.

First check that your CPU version is good for FMUV3, if yes
check this on updating bootloader
Or flash a PX4 firmware then use SYS_BL_UPDATE and go back to the superior ArduPilot code…

All I can say this is all over my head. Pulling pins and powering up with 3v yea I cant see a-z to get this done. I am not smart enough in this. Feel like I should know stuff already that are not in the directions
This is the board I have
It should be able to go to FMUv3

What if I don’t change it to v3? Is all I lose is flash memory? What is the flash memory used for? Data log and auto pilot?

V2 has less ROM, eventually some new sensor drivers are not loaded with v2 only with v3 (especially new magnetometers).

Easiest way to do is get Qgroundcontrol, upload a PX4 firmware. use the SYS_BL_UPDATE as described in the line you wrote. Then siwtch to Mission Planner and upload an ArduPilot firmware.

Ok I found it. I was downloading the Wong firmware. Once I did pix4 stable 1.8… I got sys_bl_update in parameters. I enabled it. Hit save. Went to firmware. Unplugged fc and downloaded firmware again. Look like I am stuck with v2–SR-BglhG81pr5whTZNA#Sun_City,_CA

I tried other firmware and it still showed fmuv2
Hope the pic goes through

Over on RCG you were telling me you had a 2.4.8, and here you are saying its a 2.4.6.

So which one is it?