Can´t connect with UDP / PXFmini

Hello everybody,

i´m Endric and i am an newbie with Mission Planner.
Sorry for my bad english, but it´s not my vernacular language. :wink:

Now my DIY Drone is ready and with help from Erle Robotics configurated. But i can´t get an Connection with UDP and Port 6000. The Autopilot has started, WiFi works and i have s static IP Adress ( But if i connect with, UDP is scanning a while and after that the connection close with the error timed out.

I have closed my Kaspersky Firewall and my Routerfirewall. The same issue. I have unblock the Port 6000, but no connection. i don´t know what´s the error. I am surprised, while Mission Planner is searching the UDP, the RX/TX packages from my Drone counts a little bit up. I think my drone will get commands, but he can´t have a stable connection.

Any Idea? I’m at a loss what to do.

Thanks for your help.