Can’t Connect To BLHeliConfigurator

Hello all! I’m still trying to get my Heewing Ranger VTOL with Matek F405 off the ground. I’ve configured all the parameters in Mission Planner etc….
Now I need to reverse the direction of one of the ESCs. I’m following along with the Painless 360 videos and he recommends using the BLHeliConfigurator. However…… I’ve followed all the instructions and videos (at least I think I have) and I can’t get the FC to connect with BLHeli.
The message that I get is… Connection failed, ensure that you have selected the correct port or restart your device.
I know that I’m connecting to the correct port though.
Any ideas or work arounds?

What ESC’s? Post your parameter file.

Here is the ESC. Standby on the paramfiles.

There’s a difference between BLHeli and BLHeli_S. You can’t configure BLS with the (older) BLHeli configurator.

That depends on what is meant by BLS. If it’s Blheli_S then Blhelisuite V16.x should work.

Which parameters should I look at?

I’m using the latest BLHeli Configurator from Github. Is this the correct one? For now I just need to reverse the direction on one of the motors and I know that I can do that by resoldering two of the wires right? But I still want to be able to tune them. Is there a way to tune them in MissionPlanner?

I just enabled servo_blh_auto and I was able to connect, but none of the parameters pop up in the BLHeli app to enable editing. Looks like the problem is in the param files…

Maybe. So post it.

It was in the parameters. I did not have BLHeli passthrough enabled. After that, I just needed to follow the instructions as per many of the Youtube videos.