Can Switches Be Locked into Flight Modes?

I am a little new to this but I have a Radio Link AT - 10 and am using it with my drone and MissionPlanner. I have Six Flight Mode slots on Mission planner and four switches on my Radio Link AT - 10, A, B, C, and D with Switch C having three positions.

The way it is setup now is that I have to play around with Stiches C and D to navigate the different Flight Modes as Switches A and B do noting. I wanted to know if it was possible to assign a switch certain Flight Modes. Like Switch A will only flip between Flight Modes one and two, Switch B will flip between modes three and four and Switch D will flip on five and six only. Is this possible?

It is a question of your radio. You have to program it to send out appropriate values on ch5 based on switch state. A modern OpenTX based radios are capable to do that, but afaik RLAT-10 is quite limited.
On the other hand you can use RCx_option parameters, but it can handle one mode per channel. Combining the two together can be as close as you can get.
You have to cook with these.

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