Can someone look at this log nearly lost quad with flyaway

tarot 650 15 inch props flies grate most of time on the flight i have attached log from i had zero control from 5mins til very last few seconds of flight i had given upan was going to get in my car to go looking for it an i put my fat sharks back on an there was an image i got some but not much control in the last few secons before hitting the ground any thoughts would greatly be appreciated
thanks in advance kyle

You say you had zero control but the log shows the quad was doing exactly what it was asked for in terms of pitch and roll. And since your BaroAlt matches your RelAlt perfectly you don’t have any obvious vibration issues.

The one thing that really jumps out is that your flight mode was switching around like crazy, from Stabilize to Drift to PosHold with a few RTLs thrown in. You don’t have RCIN logging enabled so it’s not possible to know what RC signals the APM was seeing. I notice you have only three flight modes set and it’s possible your RC Tx is doing something strange and making the APM think it’s being asked to change flight modes. I suspect your problem lies there.

There are also lots of EKF errors, but frankly I’m not expert enough to really understand what those mean yet.

It looks like you had the altitude geo fence enabled, so when the quad hit the max altitude ceiling it started an RTL, which brought it back to you.