Can someone check my flight log? Mysterious glitch

I am running an (elderly, I know) APM 2.6 with Arducopter 3.2.1 and a home built quadcopter. The basic specs are listed below:

  • Turnigy 9x Controller
  • EzUHF JR Transmitter + Lite Receiver
  • 4x 750kv brushless motors
  • Venom 5000mAh 4s 30c lipo
  • 25A 4-in-1 SimonK ESC

The quadcopter flies wonderfully and is very stable. However, sometimes upon switching flight modes between Stabilize, Loiter and PosHold, the quadcopter panics and immediately starts to ascend, as if attempting to fly to some far off waypoint. I have to frantically switch back to stabilize in order to regain control. This has almost caused a flyaway on several occasions.

I have examined the log file with APM Planner, which seems to indicate a “Late frame detected”, but could use a second set of eyes to determine if I am missing a clue.

Link to download log.txt