Can run Ardupilot on Rasberry pi Pico?

Can Raspberry pi Pico become a micro flight controller circuit running Ardulipot with extra hardware like GPS and accelerometer…etc…??

In my country, dedicated microphone flight control is not available, finding and ordering is really not easy. But the extra hardware like GPS, accelerometer, pressure sensor … is available cheaply

Will that become a reality, or should I give up?? Raspberry Pico run Ardupilot ??


No, it won’t

any technical reason why Pi Pico will not work ?

The specs for ram rom and clock look good enough. Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi Pico and Pico W.

One major issue with the PICO is that it doesnt have hardware floating point, as far as I know, and Ardupilot does a lot of floating point calculations.
Also You would have to work out how/whether to deal with RTOS. Not sure how advanced the ChibiOS port for RP2040 is

Anyway there is no technical reason for it not to work, but might be a long haul!

Another interesting port I thought about would be to the BBC microbit V2,
though there the clock speed is a low compared to current ports, but it would anyway be interesting to investigate how minimal you could go, in the interests of trying to run on very low power.

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