Can receiver without Smart port work in telemetry setup


My quad is using Orange R1020x V2 receiver with Pixhawk. I do not have any Frsky Rx.

Link to the receiver is here :-- . It has integrated telemetry for real time readings: Temperature, Battery Voltage, Receiver pack Voltage, Motor RPM and current.

There is no Smart port on the receiver, only 3 sensor ports for voltage, current, temp and rpm. The Rx and sensors are all discontinued.

When I power up my Jumper T16 and scroll to the Telemetry page of this quad, as soon as I power up the quad, the values of all the 15 sensors are populated, though some of them are zero. Orange Rx uses DSM2/DSMX protocol.

Without getting a receiver with S Port or F Port, do you think I can somehow connect the Telem port of Pixhawk to receiver and talk back to Jumper T16 for telemetry purpose ?

Thank you for your time.


your receiver doesn’t accept telemetry from a flight controller only standalone sensors, just buy a frsky X receiver if you already have a 4 in 1 module to get smartport telemetry.

Thank you for your reply.