Can Quadplane support front motors on a tilt mount that provide forward thrust in plane mode?

Can Quadplane support the front 2 motors being mounted on a tilt mount and being used for forward thrust in plane mode? There wouldn’t be a 5th motor for the thrust in the plane mode. Seems like transition between copter and plane mode would be tricky in order to keep the craft from going into a dive.

My real goal is to get it down to 3 motors in a tri-copter arrangement (2 in front on tile mounts and one on the tail boom) but I understand tri-copters aren’t yet supported. Thanks.

It seems that only the pix firmware support the tilt mount. APM is a little slow on the firmware updating .

ArduPilot doesn’t support tiltrotors yet. I expect to add it this year, but it is unlikely to be in the next month or two

If you angle the launch the quad or tri does not know its attached to an aeroplane. Like this