Can Port.hmmmmm

Anyone out there know of a small form factor flight controller like the Pixracer that supports a Can bus.
With all the talk of the IMU being overly sensitive I am wondering if there is a replacement. It has to have a can port as I am using a Canbus GPS.

I looked at Pixfalcon but it’s missing the can port.


How small does it have to be. This is a bit bigger I think.

Hey David.
Thanks for this. It might work. The size in this instance isn’t that important. I just rather keep weight to a minimum.
I will have a better look at this today.


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This is a very very good AutoPilot / Controller.
I have experience w/3 of the most popular and this one by far is the best.

It’s Form Factor is small enough but no too small to easily work with

Super thanks for the input.
The only thing I don’t like is the connectors. It’s using the Futaba servo style connectors and I hate them. But they are easy to use and to crimp up.

By all means use the mRobotics x2.1 ver 2.
Totally awesome.

I am reading about the first one and honestly am liking it.Are you suggesting there is another version or am I just reading this wrong.

so it appears the mounting is the same spacing. Check
Most of the main connections are JST GH…check…not that I like JST GH…

Funny I don’t see a case for it.

mRo has a lot of different options. I’m still using the old Pixhawk 1’s with no problem. I have three. And four black cubes and a green cube. All good.

Black cube green cube…don’t eat that green eggs and ham.
I have never heard of a green cube.

This FC seems to have what I want. No case which I thought was odd.
to bad you have to mount this on anti vibration. It would be interesting to use header pins and mount this direct to my Power distribution board.

But thats a dream I am not going to pursue.

They only ship the newest version I believe.

You will need to load the firmware you want to use (i.e. ArduPilot, ArduCopter, ArduRover, PX4, etc …).

I have that fixedwing devlopment plateform they sell (nano talon). With that x2.1 in it & setup properly it outflies/performs anything else being used.

Not for novice however

It sounds like what I am after. Fits the 30.5 mounting and is reliable.

Thanks for your input its appreciated.

… sure.
yes, the lack of a case is a bit annoying, after all we’re all after “that nice looking package”.

I do wish they had that but I think the want to keep the costs competitive and the want developers to get there hands on it as affordably as possible

I am not really worried about a case, if I need one I can 3d print it.
Its for a quad with a cover on it.

So … How is the mRobotic X2.1 Rev 2 flight controllers working for you?