Can pixhawk shows / export UTM coordinates?

hi folks, maybe this is stupid question but i need to know, if its possible that pixhawk shows / or export witht the log also UTM coordinates instead or additional to gps coordinates ?

someone an idea ?

thank you in advance!

Mission planner already has the UTM display as a function in Data and Planning screens.

hi mike, lthanks for this info.

but i need this in the log file as an export value…

is this also possible ?

thx. for your time to answer my question!

regards sascja

just want to bring my post up…

no one has an idea ? i can´t belive that …

I don’t think that you can get the log in UTM. AFAIK, the code that runs on the pixhawk uses geographic coordinates (lat,long).

You can workaround this by writing a script to convert the lat long to corresponding UTM coordinates from the log file. The conversion is pretty straightforward - here’s a starting point for javascript.

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hi nihal,

thanks for info - well we have start now in our project to convert the gps datas there.

so, ok, thanks for spending your time to answer my questions!