Can only discover GPS - FPORT Telemetry 4.1 Stable


I am setting up a new plane using R9M (FPORT firmware) & and have wired into TX4 (Serial 6). I am able to see control surfaces move but when I discover sensors, only see GPS.

Config is as below;

* `SERIALx_OPTIONS` = 7 (invert TX/RX,Half Duplex)
* `RSSI_TYPE` =3


Hi, sorry, I know so little about FPort that I can’t provide any assistance. Maybe @andyp1per has some advice…

I don’t do F.Port :stuck_out_tongue: what flight controller is this on?

I am having the exact same problem, i am only seeing GPS, did you find out wagt is the problem?

same issue, only GPS is discovered.
Will try with older firmware as it used to work very well.