Can only ARM when connected to USB

Hey Andy I’m trying to setup yaapu with CRSF on my TX16S. I’ve successfully downloaded the script and setup the widget but am getting ‘no telemetry data’ error.

I’m using Kakute H7 V2 FC and have the CSFR Rx connected to UART6 (per above wiring diagram). In parameters I’ve set SERIAL6_PROTOCOL = 23 AND SERIAL6_OPTIONS = 7 (per Connecting to FrSky Sport and FPort — Copter documentation)

Does this look ok, or am I missing something else?

Here is my parameters file:
kopis_parameters.param (19.3 KB)

SERIAL6_OPTIONS should be 0 - CRSF is not SPort or FPort

Got it. Updated this, but still no luck

Did you configure CRSF in the Yaapu configurator on the Transmitter?

I did not. Are there instructions for this?

I suppose there is somewhere. Just run the YAAPU Config Lua from the SYS menu scroll down to “enable CRSF support” and do it.

It’s here:
Yaapu CRSF


Thank you Dave! Enabling CRSF support and setting RC_OPTIONS = [current value] + 256 ended up working