Can omnibusf4pro work with sik radio?

Hello my name is Nimrod and I’m new to the community and the field (I come from rc planes).
I got myself an Omnibusf4pro however I did not see it does not support the six port of the Sik radio.

I wondered if it would be possible to use the J5 port together with the MOTO_VCC to recreate the port for the radio (use MOTO_VCC as the RTS and CTS channels).
If its possible I would like some help in how to implement it in the software side. If not then is there a different option or do I have to use S.bus telemetry.

Hi, my rover with omnibus F4 pro, works well with 433 sik telemetry radio

the radios will work without RTS and CTS connected.

Hello @Alberto_Ds .
Could you tell me to what pins on the board did you connect the radio?.
Thank you

Hello @geofrancis .
Will there be no clash of data or signals?. From what I could gather the CTS and RTS are functions made to synchronize the too radio and make sure when one is sending the other is receiving.

TX an RX like in the wiki

Thank you.
I think I got it. I will try to connect it in J5 and if it does not work then J10.

thats called hardware flow control. the radios have alternative methods of flow control without the CTS and RTS pins.

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