Can not switch to custom mode in ArduPlane

Hello. I have been developing a custom flight mode for an aircraft running ArduPlane 4.3.5. I have followed the wiki tutorial for adding a custom mode to ArduCopter, and made educated guesses as to alternative steps as required to apply this tutorial to plane instead. I have also added the new mode to pymavlink, and completed a new build install in this directory as suggested in some forums.

Despite the above, my mode does not appear when running SITL with MAVLink, whether I use ‘mode 26’ or ‘mode MicroG’ to switch to it. It does not appear in the list of modes when ‘mode’ is entered.

A link to my fork is here: GitHub - Hor1g20/ardupilot: ArduPlane, ArduCopter, ArduRover, ArduSub source (I’m new to GitHub, I hope that is the correct link!)

Any help with this issue would be massively appreciated!


I have managed to figure out the issue. It was a discrepancy between the numbering in mode.h and in the Parameters file.

I don’t have the time to add details of all of my steps for getting a custom mode to work with Plane now, but if anyone comes across this in the future, feel free to ask how and I will get back to you! :slight_smile: