Can not find a way to build with modified ardupilot code (put in some print statements) and start sitl to see the output in one single page

This information is spread across multiple websites and still does not give a direct solution.
I changed a print statement and was trying to see if just running would build and run (ArduCopter) code for me. Then I tried building…

./waf configure --board sitl --debug
./waf copter

then ran -v ArduCopter --console --map and still cant see the changed print statement. Its so frustrating trying to find simple information for hours.

@popopo did you ever find a solution to this issue? I am having the same problem.

Turns out that my was calling the wrong build (from another fork). Had to run something like:

…/Tools/autotest/ -L Ballarat --console --map

Then it actually called the build from the correct repo. Not sure how my paths goth messed up, but that was it.