Can never view or download parameter file or tuning file?

Thanks again for any help
I have read quite a few topic files where people are asking for a 450 parameter or tuning file to use as a aid for a setup. I have read where some of these are in a zip format, some are not?
Problem I can never see or see to download the uploaded or posted parameter file or tuning file, is there something I am not doing?
I can post OK and upload my parameter file, but not see or download another persons file?

The forum software will only accept files of a certain size or type it seems. What most people do is upload the file to a web service such as Google Drive or DropBox, then post the link to the file.

Thanks again Chris
Problem I have is I am reading post where people are stating ( I have uploaded my parameter file for you to take a look at) but I can never find or see the file to look at or download?
The post stating a file or text is there but I can never see or download It?
I am logged in and reading fine but no files are present?


I have noticed that as well. I think it has something to do with a recent cleanup of the database for the forum software.