Can Mission Planner's moving map update rate be increased?

Can Mission Planner’s moving map update rate be increased?

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Only by changing the code.
Currently the 1.2sec map update rate in Flight Date main loop is hard coded.
Please note that the map update is a quite resource hungry process, so increasing the rate will need beefier processor…

Hello Eosbandi,

I am interested in changing the update rate of the map and would like to give it a try.
I am very new to coding. Could you point me in the right direction as to where to find the lines of code that need to be changed and if any compiling needs to be done after the code has been changed.

Kind regards, Thomas.

Apparently either I was wrong back then, or it was changed since, but now it can be set in the config.xml by adding the
variable, where the number is in seconds.

Still has to say that updating map is a resource hungry process, and you will need beefy processor.

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this is new, so you didnt miss it. but i didn’t make it UI configurable


Thanks for the feedback,

Would I need to rebuild mission planner through visual studio after changing the value for the refresh rate? or can I change the value on the installed version of mission planner?
I cannot locate the config.xml file. :sweat_smile:
I did find MissionPlanner.exe.config is this the correct file? Where do i add <FD_MapUpdateDelay>0.5</FD_MapUpdateDelay>?

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in your my documents folder, then mission planner

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Thank you very much Michael,
I found the document and was able to increase the map update rate.

I have one more question regarding the map view. Do you know if it is possible to turn the red, green and black heading lines off?

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currently, no its not possible to turn them off