Can low KV motors cause yaw spins?

If the vehicle motor is low kv (less than 100 kv), can there be yaw spin in the default state?

No, there is no yaw spin if you use ArduCopter 4.2.2 and perform all mandatory initial parameter setting as described in both Mission planner and the documentation.

Do not skip any step, if you do skip a step you’ll get strange results.

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If so, can there be a yaw spin because the pid does not match when the vehicle takes off with the default value?

mot : T-motor u8 lite 85kv
ESC: This is a 25kg drone with the specifications of T-motor Flarm 60A.

I don’t know why for this problem.

I tried the maiden flight after following the basic instructions on the ardupilot on this issue, but there was a yaw spin phenomenon.

Have sensor calibrations all be done as per instructions?

Yes I have completed all instructions.

Next step is to download the .bin file and upload it here.
I’m sure someone is willing to have a look at the cause.

This was a question I posted a while ago, but there was no definitive answer.

Please refer to the log of this url!

You will have a better chance of getting a log review if you post one (1) log where the issue at hand was witnessed.

I asked about the mandatory setup, not the basic setup.

Did you performed the mandatory setup?

my settings are fine The reason is that I did not find any problems when installing the FC to other vehicles.

I’ll make a log for the abnormal symptoms!

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Are the other vehicles as big as this one?

Do they use the same ESC/motor/Prop combination?

The test vehicle was a class 450 vehicle.

You still have not directly answered most of my questions. It is hard to help without answers.

For what it’s worth I have seen Yaw spins if a motor isn’t level. I had a large quad that gave me yaw spins do to that reason. No config issue…Build error…just putting it out there

The initial settings recommended by ardupilot are all over.

Thanks, but the level of the motor has already been checked.

ok sorry must have missed that.