Can limits maximum horizontal speed in Alt-POS hold/sport mode?

My quad is overpower can i setting maximum horizontal speed in Alt-POS hold/sport or drift mode? for safe fly.
hover throttle spot is 0.27 by Auto learning hover.
S500 frame
850kv motor
10x4.5 prop
4S battery

When i fly in stabilize mode and use throttle over 80% it can make my quad crash. But ok in automatic altitude mode

Reduce the ANGLE_MAX value (default 45°). You could decrease the MOT_SPIN_MAX parameter to limit throttle but of course you can just do this manually with the stick.

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@Ms123 use Loiter mode. You can set the maximum allowed speed in the Extended tuning tab in MP.

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MOT_SPIN_MAX it work for all mode or except stabilize?

now i Reduce from 0.950 to 0.850 85%. i not sure just do it before or after calibrate ESCs