Can INS navigation data from IMU be used for RTH function without GPS?

Hi, my 1st Post;
I want to know if GPS is lost, would it be possible to go back to the last way point and RTH by going back through the way points backwards, by using the 9 DOF and barometric altimeter readings?
How much drift are we talking about for one minute of flight?

dead-reckoning drift varies between individual aircraft but is typically about 60 meters per minute horizontal accuracy


Thanks for your quick reply.
Could you recommend an inexpensive but accurate 6DOF IMU chip, so I can study the datasheet?

There are no inexpensive navigation grade IMUs. You are more likely to find a complete integrated GPS inertial navigation system like VectorNav products than precise IMU.

PS they likely would be considered dual use equipment.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.