Can I use two rangefinders facing down (fail over)?


Can I use two rangefinders of the same manufacturer facing down? The idea is to have redundancy, if one rangefinder fail the other one would continue to provide the altitude above ground.

How this can be configured?

This is the second time a User asks this. Sorry it is not (yet) possible.

Maybe this could be added as a feature request in github (if it isn’t already there)

@amilcarlucas thanks for the info. Would you point where in the code we have to look to understand how to implement such feature?

@amilcarlucas sorry, I should have been more specific. Do you know where in Arducopter code the rangefinder data is read and sent to the controller? I was looking at the Rangefinder library, but it should be used somewhere else in Copter code.

@amilcarlucas it looks like the code is checking for only one downward facing rangefinder, and only one upward facing. I’ll play with that struct to see what happens.