Can i use two 3s battery in parallel

hey, i am using apm2.6 Ac3.2.1 Q450 quad frame and using 3s 2200mah 25C Lipo battery. since my flight time is limited to 12–15 min. i have two question.

  1. can i use two 3s 2200mah 25C lipo battery in parallel to get around double discharge capacity i mean upto (50c) with 4400mah.
    2)If not possible can, can we divided our 3D mapping survey (grid) mission in mission planner,so that after taking shot with camera for one part of polygon area and returning drone back replacing discharge battery with full charged one then again send drone back,to continue its mission where it left and continue to take shot where it left…please provide me some solution.

you can use 2 in parallel, but it will give you 4400mah 25C (not 50c). Still twice the actual discharge of a single 2200mah battery.

Yes, almost all my UAV’s have parallel batteries. Just have to make sure they are at the same charge state when you connect them.