Can i use the pixhawk cube orange card with a gps other than here 3 gps?

I know here is the one of the best choice for pixhawk cube orange and its recommended by the manufacturer but i have to use cheaper one. I am thinking to buy Radiolink SE100 for pixhawk cube orange. But wiring of gps is different than other pixhawks. Do you have any informations to pixhawk cube orange with another gps is working ?


Any ArduPilot supported GPS should work, You just need to adapt the pinout to the GPS connector.

BTW Cube Orange is designed and built by CubePilot (PixHawk is old and different).

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Thanks for the information.

Hello again. Unfortunally i couldnt do wiring steps. I matched Gps’s wires with orange cub’s external cables. But i have an error on Mission planner Gps: No Gps. İ matched GPS Wires with cube’s Gps1 wires but i couldnt run it. Should i match the gps cables with another conneciton?

Please show wiring diagram or a clear picture of your GPS connection to CUBE

We made wiring by the datasheets we have green light on gps but we coulnt run it on mission planner

Did you tried inverting TX-RX as it is usually the common error

I can’t find the words to express my gratitude to you, thank you very much.

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