Can I use serial4 for storm32 controller

I want to connect my storm32 controller via mavlink.Can I use serial4?
If so, what settings should be invoked?

Sure you can use serial4, but at first.

  1. Install latest storm32 controller firmware v.269e. look in rcgroups Storm32 forum.
  2. In the storm32 Gui Interfaces Tab set Mavlink Gimbal to Gimbal1, Mavlink Gimbal Stream to device status, Storm32Link configuration to v1, Mavlink ComPort to uart. Set Uart baudrate to 115200.
  3. Ask Olliw in the rcgroup Storm32 forum to compile newest betacopter firmware for autopilot. Download it and install to pixhawk or other autopilot. Go to mission planner and set serial4 baudrate to 115200, protocol to mavlink2, MNT1 to 83.

Thanks so much for your response.
I will try in a couple of days.
Crossing fingers.

the key point for you determine is which STorM32 setup you have and thus which STorM32 firmware version you can run, your next steps will be depending on this: STorM32 Gimbal Controller — Copter documentation