Can I use Follow-Me Mode with past version Tower App?

I using Arducopter 3.5.5 with Pixhawk 2.

I can move the copter A to B with tower application.

But I heard lastest tower application don’t support follow me mode anymore…

So I am finding past version tower application…

If you know what is that … Plz Tell Me that,… :,( I really want to control drone to follow me…

It will still work on 3.5.x. It ceases to function with 3.6-RC6 due to many changes in ArduCopter. The Tower app is not currently under continuous development and is pretty stale now.

But I failed on 3.5.2 and 3.5.5 :,(

Can you be more specific?

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Thank you for your reply !!!

I can Arming and take off, move to waypoint with TOWER APP!

But If I try follow me mode, it didn’t react …

I use 915Mhz Telemetry and OTG Cable with my smarthphone!!!